Click on photo below to open album of 2011 Christmas Giving


Click on Collage below  or here  to open album of Christmas Celebrations sponsored by the Americas Foundation.  

Four events are shown; the Tuesday evening "Posada para Padres",
music concert held at the Jardin de Niños kindergarten; the daytime kindergarten and elementary school Christmas parties, the annual
staff dinner and Christmas celebration and a few shots of the party for the Colonia Children.

         Jessie Meacham did an incredible job organizing the gift giving so that each child received a present.  Edwina Shell-Johnson
saw to it that each of the teachers also received a very nice gift.

Link to album of Christmas Giving

Link to album of Christmas Giving

Click on this link or photo below to see the You Tube video of Jessica, Edgar Giovanni Hernandez Andrade, Eliot and Christine Brady dancing Ballet Folklorico en the Gran Kermesse of the Revolucion Mexicana Nov. 27, 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NI1YakXET4&sns=em

Colegiola Esperanza
Click on this link to see the You Tube video of Jessica, Edgar Giovanni Hernandez Andrade, Eliot and Christine Brady dancing Ballet Folklorico en the Gran Kermesse of the Revolucion Mexicana Nov. 27, 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NI1YakXET4&sns=em

Sequence of short clips from Gran Kermesse de la Revolucion Mexicana
 at Colegio La Esperanza, Tijuana. November 27, 2011 Mexican Festival
Setup, Sixth Grade Guerrero, Sinaloa dance, Kindergarten Veracruz
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Sunday, November 27, 2011
(Gran Kermesse de la  Revolucion Mexicana) see flyer below

You were invited!

Invitation to November 20, 2011 Gran
            Kermesse de la Revolucion Mexicana

Volunteer Days

Sunday, November 20, 2011 (Gran Kermesse de la Revolucion Mexicana) see flyer above
Monday, December 19, 2011 (Christmas Party for Colonia Kids)

Click Here for more information on Volunteering.

Link to Ballet Class Information Page Colegio La
Free Ballet Classes at Colegio La Esperanza (All levels)
Click Here for more information about Free Ballet Classes

Click on photos below to open link to March, 2011 photo album

Link to photos of Marzo 2011

James Hubbell Directs Volunteers at Colegio La
            Esperanza in Tijuana

Link to March 2011 Colegio La Esperanza Photo Album

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Link to information about school on Facebook

June 4, 2011 (Gran Kermesse of Oceania) See Flyer Below
June 19 - June 26, 2011 La Rosa Blanca 2011 Earth Building Workshop (See Flyer Below)
June 18 and 25, 2011

NEW DATES for La Rosa Blanca Earth Building Workshop

June 19 - June 26, 2011 (option to continue to June 28th)

The dates have changed for La Rosa Blanca 2011.   It is now a week later, being kicked off with
the open house tour of Jim Hubbell's home Sunday, June 19th and starting full bore on site on Monday, June 20th and ending
on June 26th.

Click here to open Registration and Information Page for La Rosa Blanca

Flyer for La Rosa
Click here to open Registration and Information Page for La Rosa Blanca

Dear Friends,

         La Rosa Blanca Design/Build workshop lives on!    This year it will be lead by Jamie Scott
Breinberg, an alumnus of La Rosa Blanca 1992 and the world's leading expert on ceramic buildings,
which are fired clay buildings.    We will be working with adobe/clay to create beautiful new bathrooms
for the elementary school.   Jim Hubbell will lead the stained glass workshop on June 22nd.

        High School students, college students and adults are invited to participate
in this unique experience.    Participants will be housed at the school.    There will be a cultural exchange opportunity for
those interested in staying with the families of our high school students.   La Rosa Blanca is famous for
introducing participants to the delicious cuisine of Mexico and a first hand experience of the warmth and
hospitality of Baja Californians.     We will be close to the beautiful Baja Beach and San Diego, CA.

        There will be more information in subsequent emails.   However, let us know as soon as possible if you
are interested in participating.    See flyer below.

         Thanks for your  interest in helping the schools.   I hope to see you,   Christine

Click here to open Registration and Information Page for La Rosa Blanca

Flyer to Festival of Oceania

Flyer for Colegio La Esperanza Gran Kermesse 2010

Photos of the May 22, 2010 Gran Kermesse of South America

Edwina FIC presentation files

2008 Newsletter
*** New ***  Emily Kosko's Six Minute film
on the Colonia and Schools to help the Music Program
Click here to open U Tube film

       Pre inscripciones 2010 -2011            

Haga Click aqui o en hoja abajo para abrir informacion       
sobre pre inscripciones en Febrero para                     
Kinder, Primaria y Preparatoria                          
Ciclo 2010-2011 y Periodo 2010_1                     
Vinculo a pagina de inscripciones

Click on page "School of Dreams" to open September, 2009
Family Circle Magazine Article.

photo and link to Sept Family Circle article

May 21, 2011
June 18, 2011

We meet at the H St. Trolley at Chula Vista at 8:30 am to carpool down.
a $10 donation for materiales is asked for each Saturday
Also see Calender

*********   New   *********

It's now possible to subscribe to the Americas Foundation
and make small automatic donations.
Help support the Ballet, Music, Art, Ecology or Sports Programs
in a way that is minimal to your pocketbook yet
maximal to a child's life.  We also need your donations
to finish building the beautiful architecture designed
by James Hubbell for the La Esperanza schools

For less than it cost to buy a sandwich you can support
a child's meal program for a week.
Click Here to Subscribe
to automatic donations


Click here to see Photos of Festival in previous years

Click Here for 2006 Kermesse Festival flyer in English

Click Here for the 2006 Kermesse flyer in Spanish.


Photos from 2006
      November Kermesse

 James Hubbell has decided to conduct the La Rosa Blanca
Design/Build Construction workshop at the Colegio La Esperanza
again this August 14 through 16th.   It's a camp out experience with
delicious Mexican food and real organic architecturing.   Anyone with
an interest in Art or building can participate.   Click on the flyer below for a
printable pdf.   Or click here
Register to download the registration form.  

          See contact info below flyer to contact Ilisa or James and
let them know if you are interested.  Click on flyer below to go to where you can download the
Registration form.

James Hubbell (760) 765-0171
Fax: (760)765-3427
Email: lael@attwb.net        www.hubbellandhubbell.com

Ilisa Goldman
Email: igoldman@sp-land.com
(619) 681-0090  x112
or (619)665-8547

ON the registration form, you can click through to pay online.

La Rosa Blanca 2008 Flyer linked to Registration Form

Don't miss the November 14, 2009
Gypsy Barn Fundraiser for the La Esperanza Music Program!
to be held in Valley Center, CA from 4:00 -8:00 pm
Click here or Gypsy Wagon for more information
Click on Violinist to donate
Photo and LInk to
        November 14th event


Colegio La Esperanza

Primer y Segundo Semestre
Inscripciones Preparatoria Febrero 2008

Kinder y Primaria 2004-2005
2 a 17 de Febrero de 2004
Kinder y Primaria Preinscripciones

Mapa, Contacto y Caratula


You're Invited !!!  May 23rd, 2009!!!
(Photos below of 2006 kermesse.)

Saturday, May 23, 2009 the Colegio La Esperanza will present The

Festival of Pakistani-Indian-Mexican Culture

in Colonia La Esperanza, in La Mesa, Tijuana featuring authentic Indian, Pakistani and Mexican Cuisine, traditional Music and Dances of India, Pakistan and Myanmar,
games, competitions, lotteries and tours of the famous buildings. The Community of San Diego and Tijuana are invited to the Festival and Open House to share the day of fun, music and good food and see the installations of the La Esperanza kindergarten and elementary schools which are famous for their architecture and tile mosaics designed by the famous artist James Hubbell of Santa Ysabel, California. The La Esperanza schools are also known for their Ballet, Music and Arts programs

The Festival starts at 10:00 am
Map to Colegio La Esperanza (Americas Foundation) Parents are encouraged to bring their children. There is no entry charge.

Carpool from the H St. Trolley in Chula Vista at 8:30 am
There will also be a VAN (pay driver $5 dlls) at the H St. Trolley on November 18thFlyer
      for Africa Mexico Kermesse

This season's Volunteer Workdays

To help with construction at the school (tiling,painting,stairs,benches,irrigation,gardening,stone walls...)
are scheduled for the following days:

April 19, 2008 – Brian Braet
May 17, 2008 - Jim Hubbell, Gran Kermesse Africana Mexicana (see below)
June 21, 2008 - Bruce
July 19, 2008  – Brian Braet
August 14-16, 2008 La Rosa Blanca Summer Building Program (2007 Photos)
Saturday, August 16 – (Rosa Blanca Weekend) Brian, Jim Hubbell
a $10 donation for materiales is asked for each Saturday
Also see Calender and Volunteering


Christmas Gift Giving

2007 Christmas Gifts are Needed !!!!
Please contact Jessie Meacham if you are interested in donating a gift for
a child or classroom.   We sponsor Christmas parties for the students
and neighboring children in the Colonia.   Sometimes the gift a child
receives is the only gift they receive during the year.
Call Jessie at tel (858) 273-8677 or write cmeacham@san.rr.com

We also need sponsors for the Christmas party including the
donation of pinatas, candy, plates, music, etc.
Click here if you would like to donate to the Christmas party.

Colegio La Esperanza Christmas 2005 Photographs

Photo of students waving

Los niños gritan, "Múchas Grácias" !!!!

Photo of
          Wildebeests at Kermesse
New Children's Ballet, "The Lion King" was previewed
at the June, 2007 Kermesse and presented in
July at the Parque Morelos State Park in Tijuana on July 1st, 2007.
Shown above are the wildebeests "GÑUs" at the Kermesse

The Lion King
            Children's Ballet Banner

International Friendship Camp on hold

Click Here for link to international
              Friendship Camp
for kids 6 to 12 years old and their parents
Sign up for Summer 2006 !!!
Spend a week with your kids learning
about Mexican Art and Culture and having a fun camp experience!

Click here for Camp Information and Application

School Construction Plans

The La Esperanza Schools need your Help !

How to make a donation !!!

child's education needs sponsor
Sponsor a child's education!

Recent Events

ALADDIN and the Magic Lamp Ballet

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - CONTACT: CHRISTINE BRADY (619) 585-9009 In Tijuana Jose Andrade tel: 011-52-664-6264698

ALADDIN and the Magic Lamp Ballet
to be performed 5:30 pm
Saturday, July 13, 2005 in TIJUANA

We are starting a new Senior High School

Preparatoria La Esperanza is in the beginning stage of construction

La Esperanza Posters for you

Dear Friends,
Harden Miers created three lovely posters of the schools in Colonia La Esperanza for the Cinco de Mayo Gran Kermesse event that we celebrated this past May 4th at the Museum of Contemporaty Art San Diego and the St. James by the Sea Church in La Jolla.
The posters are collages of photos taken at the La Esperanza schools over the past fourteen years. I'm sending you the pdf files of the three posters, which you can print in any size on a color printer. Originally, the posters measured 24" by 30".
Since this summer we will be busy constructing a new classroom building to start the new high school. I attached the "Time to Build" poster to this message.
Thank you once agaoin for your efforts and support that have been critical to the existence and progress of the schools in Colonia La Esperanza.
Hope you enjoy these, Christine Brady
A time to build
A time to climb
A time to excel

2003 Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Gran Kermesse, Mariachi and Samba music, hands-on art workshops and free gallery admission.

Full length Children Ballet
"The Little Prince"
(see pictures) (see press release)

little prince poster

to benefit Tijuana High School Construction

Sunday May 4th, at Museum of Contemporary Art SanDiego in La Jolla, 700 Prospect Street (see map)
The Gran Kermesse and workshops from 12 to 5 pm - galleries open free of charge from 11 am to 5 pm
Children Ballet at 3:00 pm. Tickets $15.
In partnership with The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego monthly Family Day (see press release)

The Mission of the Americas Foundation

is to help people living along the US-Mexican border educate and develop their impoverished communities.
We build self-sustaining schools, and give direct aid to disadvantaged children through a model of international teamwork and multicultural exchange.

Recent Photos

Christine Brady
Serapio "Mike" Baca's Photos
Antonio Vega Photos.

The KPBS Video reaired

The KPBS Video Eye of the Beholder The Artistry of James Hubbell is to re-air Sunday, December 15, 2002 1:00 A.M. 10:00 A.M. 9:00 P.M. KPBS-TV Channel 15 / Cable 11 / HDTV Channel 30

L.A .Times article

UPDATE: Here is the latest announcement with some photos sent to our mailing list.

Dear Friends, A two page article with lovely photos came out today in the Los Angeles Times about the schools in Colonia La Esperanza and James Hubbell. We would appreciate any copies that you might find of the article in newsprint, and would be able to send us at our address as above. It's nice to have publicity. Hope you have a chance to see the article and photos. Thanks for your help.
The text of the article is available online
The printed version appeared in December 1, 2002 edition of the LA Times - Calendar Section PART II - pages E48-E49

This month's VISION Magazine focuses on Tijuana and there is an article about the school, "City of Children", available on line (scroll to 2nd half of the page) or inside the paper version of the magazine p.26-27
VISION Magazine is a free magazine distributed in cafes, coffee shops (and Henry's?) from San Diego, CA to Sedona, CA and Hawaii.If you happen to go into a local cafe and find the issue, could you pick up a few copies for us, send them or bring them to the office or the Colonia? If that seems like a bother, hope you see the article anyway. Thanks for helping.
Here are some (draft) scans of the paper version:
[cover]   [page1]   [page2]   [page2-bottom]  

TV Documentary on James Hubbell features the Schools

UPDATE! The programme will be aired again by KPBS TV channel sometimes in December
UPDATE! Special School editions of the programme video Tape /CD/DVD will be available shortly - please contact us "Eye of the Beholder", a KPBS produced documentaryon James Hubbell, was aired on Sunday, September 29 at 8 p.m. The program is produced by Marianne Gerdes. Christine was interviewed. Expect to catch nive views of the schools architecture and art, and the children an teachers at work

The Rosa Blanca Workshop

August 14,15 and 16, 2003
We hope to achieve even more this year.Watch this space for your programme and invitation.
Last year was a huge success: Thank you everyone !
See you all in August...or before
View the
2002 photos (courtesy Ross Johnson)

How you can Help !!!