Sponsor a child's education! Colegio La Esperanza (Americas Foundation)
Sponsor a child's education!

The principle projects of the Americas Foundation and its Mexican counterpart Escuela La Esperanza are the charity schools:
The kindergarten, Jardin de Niņos La Esperanza and the elementary school, Colegio La Esperanza. Both schools are located in the Colonia La Esperanza in Tijuana, Mexico.

The schools are dedicated to enriching the lifes of the 265 students as well as the community by involving creative and performing arts on all levels. While the elementary school is still only 40 % constructed, the sculptured buildings and mosaics designed by James Hubbell have already won architecture awards and brought interest from different levels of Mexican and American society.

Students qualify for scholarships on the basis of academic excellence and extreme need. The 29 colonias of the subdelegacion Sanchez Taboada, where Colonia La Esperanza is located are considered to be the porrest of the 500 communities of the city of Tijuana. Rapid growth due to immigration has outdistanced the installations of utilities, public services and development in these communities. Lack of experience, unfamiliarity with the customs of the neighbours from different states and countries, lack of time due to the need to work long hours to suppord even the most basic needs of the family, and an average of a third grade education make it difficult for the Colonias' young homesteaders to obtain community services to serve themselves and their children.

The plan of the La Esperanza schools is to provide poor children with the opportunity to develop their different talents, and give them an example of a positive community service project, so that in thirty years they will create the effective and beautiful social institutions need by their communities, be they hospitals, museums, universities, schools, or parks, and likewise not dedicate themselves to crime or destructive activities.

Every June, the La Esperanza schools administer a free scholarship qualification examination to hundreds of children. In the past three academic years the schools have attracted exceptionally bright students because of the competitive emphasis on academic achievement. Everyone is extremely poor - but great pride is taken from "winning" a scholarship for talent.

In 1999, 24 students have graduated from elementary school (the third generation of Colegio La Esperanza). All but two of the graduates chose to take the rigorous entrance examinations to Junior High School, and all passed!